How to choose your size

We know how difficult can be sometimes to choose a correct size , specially shopping online. So we will do everything we can to make the process easier. To know your size you have to take your measurements and compare them with our charts. Here is how. If you have questions, contact us! And remember, if you are resident in Madrid, you can also make an appointment with us to help you personally.


How to take your measurements

To begin measuring you will need a tape measure graduated in centimeters. In the image below we indicate the most important measures that you may need and where to take them exactly. In some cases you may also need to know your approximate height.

You should take your measurements in underwear. We recommend you to wear a bra similar to the one you are going to wear under the item you are buying. You should be standing in a straight but relaxed posture.

To measure your contours, the tape measure should not press your body, but it must be able to slide smoothly, having a minimum space between the tape and your body.

Although you can do it by yourself, it is always easier if someone else takes your measurements.

Sizing guide


Size charts

We have created different size charts for our different product types to best suit your needs. In each design we specify which chart you will have to check. A size will suit you when your measurements are within the range indicated in those charts.

Size charts


As we explained, your size will be the one whose measurements include yours. For example, if your measurements were 93cm (bust) | 82cm (underbust) | 74cm (waist) | 103cm (hips) your sizes will be:

  • - General garments: size 40 (M).
  • - Corset: size M

Moreover, due to the shape of some styles, some measurements are more important than others to make them fit. Let's take another example, for bloomers the most important measurement is the hip. That is, if your waist is 74cm (size M) and your hip is 108cm (size L), size L is the best choice. However, it also depends on how you like to wear clothes, whether loose or tight.

Regarding the corsets, when you select the size in the drop down of each style, you will find the corset waist measurement (completely closed). And you may ask, why do not we indicate that in these charts? The answer is that we work different ranges of reduction, therefore, we can not generalize.

Besides, you can also ask for the approximate equivalence of the measures in inches if you need it, since traditionally many corsets are measured in inches.


Any question? Contact us!

Personalized service is really important to us. We are aware that each body is unique, so it is not always easy to know what can suit us better. Therefore, we will be happy to advise you before making your purchase to help choose the most appropriate size.

If you have any issue with your measurements, they do not fit the same size or if you have any other questions, contact us! This way we can advise you or even offer you the possibility of adapting the garment to you.

Finally, we also we offer the possibility of extra sizes with a supplement for many of our designs.