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Corsets are our flagship product. They are garments whose main purpose is to shape your curves to create an ultra feminine silhouette. They also support the back and help to correct posture elegantly.


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Our styles are made of a variety of materials, lined and reinforced. They are made with steel boning of different types and thicknesses to achieve a solid and surprisingly comfortable structure. Bones are inserted into protected channels to avoid rips. We use waist tape to highlight the silhouette and strengthen the area. They all can be tightened at the back with lacings through metalic eyelets. Our corsets also have protective fabric panels under fastening systems and lacings ("modesty panel", "front panel") that preserve your skin from friction. They are usually finished with bias bindings, usually in satin but it can be made from other materials or even finished with no trimmings.


We work different styles and levels of reduction. Currently, in the catalog we have corsets with a moderate reduction, nevertheless, we are preparing designs of a greater reduction, especially for experts.


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